Replacement Parts

local: 972-475-009, toll free: 866-690-3272

Best American Trampolines offer replacement trampoline parts for any rectangular trampoline in the market place today.

We are familiar with just about every brand that has ever been manufactured. If we don’t have the patterns for what you need we can simply go off of the dimensions of your frame or jumping surface.

We custom make all of our pads and beds to fit your trampoline exact. We do not, and will not, sell you frame pads that bungee strap to your trampoline.

All of our frame pads come standard with custom Velcro straps to secure the pads to the frame. We use a standard 22 oz. coated vinyl.

We typically have multiple colors in stock for all of our custom pads. (Be sure to ask) We use #1 grade polypropylene trampoline fabric for all of our beds. (The best) All of the materials we use in manufacturing are purchased in the U.S. and are of the highest quality. If you have any difficulties measuring your trampoline please call us for assistance.





  1. Measure your frame (length & width). Measure from the outside edges of the metal.
  2. Look at the frame. Do you have double or single pipes around the upper frame area? (most rectangular trampolines will have single pipe on the ends & double down the long sides.
  3. Count the number of spring attach points on one short end & down one long side.
  4. Measure from the outside edge of your frame to the edge of the jumping surface. (this will give us an idea of the needed width for your pad)