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The Perfect Trampoline

The Perfect Trampoline

Before You Jump

There’s no denying that backyard trampolines provide families with an abundance of entertainment. Trampolines encourage kids to be creative, promote active play, and are a great avenue for building unique adventures.

The question that remains is, which backyard trampoline is perfect for your family? With so many options to choose from, it may seem a little overwhelming. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of considerations to help you find a trampoline that your family will love for years to come.

The Perfect Trampoline


The phrase “they don’t make them like they used too” is often heard when you’re at grandma’s house. She’s likely telling you a story about a product, usually a kitchen appliance, that she’s had for decades. Her story goes through how long she’s had the “toaster” and usually ends with the conclusion that the product still works just as well as the day she brought it home. The unfortunate truth is that most companies simply don’t manufacture products with premium materials anymore. This results in merchandise that doesn’t stand up to the test of time, unlike grandma’s toaster.

Best American Trampolines was founded in 1978, when most companies took pride in producing quality products built to last. As time has passed, our trampolines have evolved.

Trampoline Safety Features

They now include more safety features, like enclosure nets and frame pads. We’ve even designed and engineered trampolines that are purpose-built for ground level use.

Innovative Concepts and The Passing Of Time Hasn’t Led Us Astray.

We believe in using the same craftsmanship, dedication, and pride in producing premium American made backyard trampolines. This feeling that was present more than 40 years ago, still embodies each trampoline we offer today.
We also stand behind our trampolines with an industry leading manufacturers warranty.

The Perfect Trampoline


Defining how the trampoline will be used aids in determining which one is designed to accommodate your needs. If you have an aspiring gymnast or athlete who uses a trampoline to train during the off season, a competition style trampoline is the ideal purchase.

Parents who simply want an outdoor entertainment option that encourages their kids to play outside, often find that either an In-ground Trampoline or an Enclosed Trampoline meets their needs.


Purchasing a trampoline is not only an investment that you should cherish and enjoy for many years. It is a personal decision that often requires extensive research. If you find that you have questions about our products or would like to learn more about our Custom Trampoline options, please contact us. Our team is composed of experts with extensive trampoline knowledge.

We strive to build relationships with our customers and want to ensure that you purchase the perfect trampoline for your family.

Contact us today to enjoy years of fun with your new American made trampoline.